Cisco Security Agent (Repost)

Prevent security breaches by protecting endpoint systems with Cisco Security Agent, the Cisco host Intrusion Prevention System
Secure your endpoint systems with host IPS
Build and manipulate policies for the systems you wish to protect
Learn how to use groups and hosts in the Cisco Security Agent architecture and how the components are related
Install local agent components on various operating systems
Explore the event database on the management system to view and filter information
Examine Cisco Security Agent reporting mechanisms for monitoring system activity
Apply Application Deployment Investigation to report on installed applications, hotfixes, and service packs
Collect detailed information on processes and see how they use and are used by system resources
Create and tune policies to control your environment without impacting usability
Learn how to maintain the Cisco Security Agent architecture, including administrative access roles and backups
Cisco Security Agent presents a detailed explanation of Cisco Security Agent, illustrating the use of host Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) in modern self-defending network protection schemes. At the endpoint, the deployment of a host IPS provides protection against both worms and viruses. Rather than focusing exclusively on reconnaissance phases of network attacks a host IPS approaches the problem from the other direction, preventing malicious activity on the host by focusing on behavior. By changing the focus to behavior, damaging activity can be detected and blocked–regardless of the attack.