How to Do Everything with Your Zune

Get into the Zune zone and find out how to get the most out of this versatile digital media player. How to Do Everything with Your Zune shows you how to acquire, play, and organize music, videos, and photos. You'll discover how to share content with other Zune users, tune in to FM radio, stream music throughout your home, and even connect your Zune to your Xbox. You'll also learn to navigate the Zune Marketplace and build a diverse music library.

Install the Zune software, modify the interface, and add media
Connect your Zune to your PC or Xbox
Buy individual songs from the Zune Marketplace or subscribe to Zune Pass
Rip songs from CDs and cassettes
Create and manage playlists
Copy DVDs to your Zune and convert and load recorded TV shows
Download YouTube videos and podcasts to your Zune
Add pictures and create slideshows
Share content with other Zunes
Listen to FM radio on your Zune
Maintain and troubleshoot your Zune