Laptops For Dummies

Get a move on! Learn to roam free with this guide to choosing and using a laptop
Laptops come with everything you need to get going — everything, that is, except a guide to buying and using one. This book covers portable computers from laptop to lap-bottom, with useful advice on picking one, setting it up, managing power and peripherals, going online, and hitting the road.
Which one fits your lap? — learn what to look for, what to ignore, and how to find the laptop you'll love
Get acquainted — tour your laptop and locate its buttons, disk slots, security features, and keyboard peculiarities
Windows, laptop model — test-drive Windows® on your laptop and know where to find programs, files, and network access
Feel the power — discover how to monitor your laptop's power and prolong battery life
You've got connections — introduce your laptop to a network and connect to the Internet wherever you find it
Make friends with your OS — find out how to use the latest features in Windows® 7 and other laptop-friendly operating systems and keep your laptop happy
Bells and whistles, anyone? — add a portable printer, PC Card, or USB gizmo to make your laptop more versatile
Prepare for takeoff — protect your laptop and your data when you travel

Open the book and find:
Translations of laptop buzzwords
Regular maintenance and troubleshooting tips
Steps for safely unpacking your laptop
Advice on maximizing power, memory, and hard drive space
Tips for strong passwords you can actually remember
What the differences are between netbooks and laptops
How to make phone calls and video-chat from your laptop
Descriptions of ten cool laptop accessories

Learn to:
Make the most of the latest laptop features and capabilities
Synchronize your laptop with your desktop and cellphone
Set up security for mobility and social networking
Beef up your laptop's memory and hard drive capacity