Crafts for the Knittn’ Kitten

In Portland, Oregon, where we all live, there’s a tiny shop called The Knittn’ Kitten. It’s a craft-supply thrift
store, filled with vintage fabrics, sewing notions, yarns, beads, buttons, patterns, and lots of other treasures.
It’s owned by a mother and daughter team, who visit estate sales, take donations from local crafters, and
occasionally travel overseas to find wonderful crafty things.
“The Kitten” (as it’s affectionately called around here) has become a vital part of the Portland craft scene.
Crafters from all over town visit the shop to find treasures for their handmade projects. And quite a few
local artisans rely on the shop’s low prices to keep their small businesses profitable.
But, as much as we all love The Knittn’ Kitten, economic forces have us shopping less in general lately.
And so, in early Fall 2009, we learned that our beloved Kitten was in some danger of closing for good.
A group of us got together to see what we might do to help. Christine Blystone came up with a great idea:
what if we each donated a project sheet to the store? Then people could stop in, pick up the free project,
and get all the materials they’d need to make it.
We took turns, offering up a new project each week and spreading the word on our blogs. It helped – it got
people into the shop, and got them buying some things.
…And since our blogs are read by people who live far from Portland, and can’t get to The Knittn’ Kitten, we
thought we’d also share our project sheets in this ebook – it’s our gift to you.